Christian Citizen Task Force

Mission + Vision

CCTF the logoChristian Citizen Task Force seeks wisdom in educating the body, then watching and engaging the government leaders and representatives to restore the principles embodied in the Alabama and United States Constitutions. Our vision is to have committed Christian citizens working with other willing servants to promote God’s plan for all.


• Identify the key principles of natural law which, when applied to great social and economic issues, would result in dramatic restoration to original constitutional intent.
• Grow relationships with our civil leaders, legislators, and judiciary to promote such key principles in their approach to government service.
• Engage civil leaders and legislators on key principles regarding specific issues in play.
• Cultivate relationships of mutual respect and cooperation with like-minded individuals and groups to do the same.


CCtF sponsors “Meet the Candidates Forum”
Sunday, August 26, 4:00 pm Room 290
Huntsville City Council candidates will speak and answer your questions.


For information, please email