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We had a great time at Ladies Night Out 2016! If you missed it – take a look at the videos below. Click on the sticky note to the right or on the title to view the video.

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Tara Hunt – It’s not about me!  Well, maybe a little…

A prayer rut (I wasn’t even aware of) and a calling to the WBC Women’s Mentoring Ministry ended up being an eye opening experience for me. I began working hard to really define and figure out what prayer is. It seems so obvious, but somehow it wasn’t to me.  This is my journey to understanding prayer; one I continue every day.


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Zelda Diamond – Jesus, who came to set the captives free

The Lord set my sister free from demon possession and saved my family from being destroyed by witchcraft through the power of prayer. I want my story to encourage women to have faith and know that all things are possible with GOD, that Jesus came to set the captives free, and if the Son sets you free, you are free indeed!


Rita Coker – Prayer – what, when, where, why, and how  Postits for web2

We want to have an effective regular prayer time, but wonder if we’re doing it right. What format should we follow? Is morning or night better? How long should we pray? I want to explain about the practical side of prayer and the heart of prayer, because it’s not too hard … you can do it. In fact, to have that intimate, sweet relationship with the Lord, you must do it.


Deree Tarwater  – Uprooting bitterness requires fasting. Really?Postits for web5

While complaining to God about a continuous specific problem, the scripture came to mind “this comes only by prayer and fasting.” What? I’ve tried to fast and have never been able to do it. Well, God took me through an extended fast that can only be explained as Him sustaining me. And He taught me so much more than that one specific problem. It’s truly a God-thing!


Postits for web3Debbie Pierce – Life’s busy! How can I “pray without ceasing?”

Although life is sometimes crazy busy, God has been leading me to “pray without ceasing.” At first I wondered, is that even possible? Is it realistic to pray all the time? I’d like to share some practical and precious ways that God has been teaching me to literally “pray without ceasing.” And yes, it is possible!


Postits for web6Bro. Jimmy Jackson  – What if God doesn’t answer my prayer?

It seems like most of us have prayed for something specific, only to be disappointed, disillusioned, or angry that God didn’t answer our prayer. It makes us wonder if praying even matters. Can we trust that God really answers prayers? Well, perhaps our mystery guest can explain this great mystery.

Ladies Night Out 2015 – Through it all….Jesus!

Deree Tarwater – Introduction

Melanie Robinson – Cancer

Beth Rogers – Learning to Trust

Tracy Todd – Graceful Moving

Jennifer Minor – Miscarriage

Judy Warmath – God’s Faithfulness