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Home Point has the resources to build your faith at home and Biblical guides to overcome challenges you may be facing in your family. Our calling and mission is to love and honor God, love and serve others, share Jesus, and make disciples. Home Point is tailored for you to carry out this mission in the home with the people you love the most, whether you are single, married, have children, or an empty-nester.

Click here to take a look at all of the resources we have to offer in our Home Point center in the South Lobby across from the Connection Point.

Date Nights @ the Burg


For many married couples, whether you have kids or not, life is busy and it can be hard to set aside quality time with your spouse.

So the Married Adult Ministry wants to help couples be intentional about spending time with each other – you know, on an actual date.  We even want to help get your conversation started.

Click here to learn more about Date Nights @ the Burg. Brought to you by Home Point.

Printable PDFs

Home Point Appraisal Card (Fill out and return to the Home Point Center)

Prayer at Home Guide (Goes with Prayer Calendar)

Home Point Top 10 Parent Concerns

For the Holidays


HomePointButtonsLife Stage Pointers speak to the different time periods and challenges in the life of the family. They provide resources and direction for those seeking guidance.






Recipe cards are just what the busy person needs! This resource is a short, detailed recipe leading a successful area in your life, such as date nights or family nights.






HomePointButtonsMove beyond male passivity to foster a culture of Christ-like men where heroic leadership is normal and expected. The goal is to achieve three objectives:

1. Call men to intentionality in every life-season

2. Make it more likely through timely motivation

3. Make it easy with practical tools



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Essentials for Women addresses topics and resources that are unique to women. Ladies, you can find resources, tools, and encouragement here.