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Mother’s Day

Looking for a fun mealtime activity or discussion that celebrates and honors Mom? Take a look at the options below!

Mom Awards

Mom Knows Best


Father’s Day 

Check out this mealtime discussion activity celebrating Dad’s role! This is a fun way to show how and what dad sacrifices for the family.

What Dad Does



How can you make this holiday mean more than just turkey and football? Choose one of the ideas in this Thanksgiving handout to help your family enjoy fun Thanksgiving traditions while expressing thanks to God for His many blessings.

Click here for the downloadable PDF!

Christmas Family Recipe Cards

It’s A Wonderful Life Movie Night Chat

The Greatest Gift

Gifts From The Heart


Valentine’s Day Family Recipe Cards

The Love Mirror

Romantic Movie Night


Further resources

Click here to get ideas for Thanksgiving and Christmas by listening to free podcasts referenced in the Thanksgiving handout above.