Coed Spring Bible Studies

Sunday Nights – Begins January 26

Spring Disc Book Covers 2014 - ActsActs of the Apostles Systematic Study
Location:Main Campus Room 148 (Hospitality Room)
Time: 5 – 6 PM   
Cost:     Free
Led by: Richard & Karen Brown

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This is a systematic survey of the Book of Acts, part 2. We will start in Acts chapter 13 and study Paul’s missionary journeys, his imprisonment, his trials, and his final journey to Rome.  This study includes extensive discussion and debate of each chapter – verse by verse. Richard makes these studies exciting, provocative, and witty. There is no study guide required.


Fall Disc 2013 Truth ProjectThe Truth Project
Location: Main Campus Room 110  (near the library/Café 246)
Time: 4:30 – 6 PM
Cost: Free
Led by: George “Brazo” Barry & Judy Freeman

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The Truth Project is a DVD-based small group curriculum comprised of 13 one-hour lessons taught by Dr. Del Tackett. We believe this one dynamic and inspiring project developed by “Focus on the Family” represents the possibility for exponential change within the body of Christ; millions have been transformed by this curriculum.


Christ is All you NeedChrist is All You Need
Location: Main Campus Room 112A
Time:5 – 6 PM
Cost: $7
Led by:  Bob & Joan Smith

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In this January Bible Study, believers are challenged to move away from performance-based religion. The Christian life is not about trying harder, but trusting Christ more. As you study through the book of Colossians, you will be reminded that everything God desires to do in and through our lives, He will accomplish out of the overflow of our relationship with Christ. “Christ is all we need.”


CompelledCompelled: Living the Mission of God by Ed Stetzer
Location: WBC Global Mission Center Room 149
Time: 5-6 PM
Cost: $14
Led By: John Crocker

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Understand what it means to be compelled by love. Compelled provides readers a basic theological grounding and a platform for personal application as they understand what missional living is all about; it is simply the calling to love others.



iMarriageA Unique Marriage Class – iMarriage
Location: Main Campus Room 112B
Time: 5-6 PM
Cost: $10
Led By: Tom & Debra Fluker

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This is a unique marriage class based on the i-Marriage material, published by Andy Stanley of North Point Ministries.  In addition to i-marriage material, the class will be built around the couples getting to know each other and building relations within the group with the material tailored to meet the needs of our group.  Tom and Debra Fluker have “street cred” from their 30 years of marriage where they have raised four children.  Prepare to be challenged and grow your marriage while having lots of fun.


Fall Disc 2013 College CoedCOLLEGE: Coed Bible study
Location: Jim & Tina Bozeman’s house
Time: 7 PM
Cost: Free
Begins:  Ongoing, No registration required

A great time to dig into the Word of God with your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Come find good food and really great fellowship as you deepen in your relationship with Christ.  For more information about the study or directions to the Bozeman’s, contact Anna Caye Luttrell at
(256) 704-5678, ext. 204 or


Wednesday Nights – Begins January 29

Spring Disc Book Covers 2014 - Coed SinglesSingles Bible Study
Location: Whitesburg Baptist Center Dining Room       
Time: 6:30 – 7:30 PM
Cost: Free, No registration required.
Led by: Dean Brooks

We offer a variety of Bible Study topics for Single Adults. The Wednesday Bible Study is taught by our Singles’ Pastor, Dean Brooks. Join us at 6:30 pm at our Whitesburg Baptist Center (7300 Whitesburg Drive) in the Fellowship Dining Room.



Fall Disc 2013 Spanish classSpanish Class
Location: Whitesburg Baptist Center Room 617
Time:   5 PM
Cost: $7.50 per class per person
Led by:   Tahis Annegan

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The beginner class starts at 5. An advanced class begins directly after the beginner class ends.



Fall Disc 2013 VergeVerge: College Worship – Ongoing
Location: Main Campus Room 170
Time: 8:30 – 10 PM
Cost: Free, No registration required  
Speaker: Jerry Rufe

Verge is casual, fun and full of laughter. Free food and fellowship start off the evening, followed by worship and a message. Worship has a contemporary and comfortable vibe. Join us as we open the Word and study together.



Spring Disc Book Covers 2014 - DivorceDivorceCare – Ongoing
Location: Whitesburg Baptist Center Hearthside Room
Time: 6:30 – 8:30 PM            
Cost:     $15, No registration required
Led by: Ken Warmath, Jackie Betterton, & Peggy Patterson

Separation and divorce are among life’s most difficult and painful experiences – and healing from divorce is not easy. DivorceCare is a place where you’ll be around people who understand how you feel and what you are experiencing. DivorceCare also sponsors “Surviving the Holidays,” a one-night event just before Thanksgiving, which gives practical ideas for surviving the deep loneliness and pain many experience during the holiday season.