There are many home school covers to choose from in the North Alabama area and each is unique in terms of what it offers members. Two of the main differences among covers are the degree of support and accountability offered. Our group endeavors to provide both as we seek to aid parents in providing their children with a Christ centered education.

We have a close knit group of families who share a love for Christ and are dedicated to home schooling their children and we have established a method of record keeping and accountability that has historically provided our graduates with a transcript that allows them to pursue their personal goals. This method is one that provides encouragement, support, accountability, documentation, and appropriate parental responsibility.

WBCS is not in the position to determine a student’s ability to succeed in a specific area or to place requirements on students and their families that preclude their God given uniqueness and talents. It is the responsibility of the parents to make decisions, along with their students, about what subjects to study and what curriculum to use.

We ask that both parents of those families applying to WBCS be professing Christians and active members of a Bible-believing church.

We also ask that once enrolled, families maintain an active membership in Home School Legal Defense Association. From time to time issues arise that require legal counsel and we have found that HSLDA provides excellent advice and help in those situations.

We further require:

  • One parent to serve as the primary teacher with daily supervision of the student between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. The primary teacher may not work outside the home during school hours.
  • Parents maintain lesson plans and records and meet with the school administrator twice a year for record checks.
  • Grades turned in to be added to the student’s transcript at the completion of each semester.
  • Attendance at two parent meetings per year (fall and winter) and an orientation for the coming year each May.
  • Tuition due monthly – 1 child: $50.00/mo, 2 or more $60.00/mo. year round.
  • Students (3rd-12th) take one standardized test per year.


Kindergarten Program

Many families consider the kindergarten year a special bitter-sweet time when their little one is no longer so little and is ready to begin the formal educational experience. It is often the first foray into home schooling and brings with it apprehension and many questions. Our parents have gone through that initial introduction to home schooling and can offer great advice and encouragement.

Beginning with the 2014-2015 school year, kindergarten came under the WBCS cover and families desiring help and support with kindergarten will apply directly to WBCS through the regular, one time application process, which will enroll them as full members of WBCS, entitling them to inclusion in all WBCS activities, a group kindergarten conference twice a year and full support from the administration.

Requirements to enroll in WBCS for kindergarten:

  • Agree to the requirements as a member of WBCS (Policies, Code of Conduct/Dress, etc.)
  • Complete the application process. (Enroll before July 1st and receive a $25 discount.) (Membership in Home School Legal Defense would not be required for children under 6 years.)
  • Fees: $125.00/semester due in September and January. (A small additional fee may be assessed for graduation expenses.)
  • Bonus for kindergarten enrollment: $25 off first month’s tuition for first grade (June of 1st grade year).