Vision and Victory


God has blessed our church beyond measure in our short 59 year history.  While the world around us is getting more confused and corrupt, we have an even greater need to believe our Lord for continued Spirit led ministry to Him, our church body, community, and world.

I have never been more excited and more at peace about anything we have done together.  Vision and Victory is the name chosen for our stewardship campaign.  As part of our Vision and Victory program, every household is asked to prayerfully consider making a sacrificial commitment (over and above your ongoing tithes and offerings) to be given over the course of 2016-2019.  We hope to raise $5.7 million in order to move forward in our ministry.  As you can see, Vision and Victory is an important step to our future and your involvement impacts its success.

These are exciting days of decision in our church.  Let us commit to seek and act in God’s will.  To the glory of God, we will move ahead with faith.  We have had a blessed past because those before us, many of whom are still active today, have paid the price of fervent prayer, loving service, and systematic giving.  God must receive the credit for this, and He is not finished.  Now we need to look forward, build upon the past, and pass the blessing on to those who are coming behind us.  Our investment and example can be the greatest thing we ever do for Jesus.

I need and treasure your enthusiastic and loving help.

Love in Jesus,

Dr. Jimmy E. Jackson, Senior Pastor


Vision and Victory is a church wide spiritual emphasis to pay off all of our church indebtedness to free up more of our tithes and offerings to put our church in a much stronger position to minister, no matter what happens in the years ahead.

Being wise in providing a financial base for both our local and international ministries has never been more important. Our debt of $5.25 million needs to be paid off.  Finally, we want to build an addition to the South Campus that will allow us to enhance our ministries to the church and community right now. This space will allow us to meet the growing demands on our current building as thousands pass through its doors on a regular basis for ministry not only to the body but also to the soul.  God has opened a door to reach children and their families, and a door to reach senior adults through recreation, heath education, and Christian fellowship and service. What a golden opportunity!