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Hard Questions 2022 Summer Series

Sermon Series, Hard Questions, Summer | by Darryl Craft

Hard Questions 2022 Summer Series

    Hard Questions 2022 Summer Series

    June 15 - July 20

    Wednesday Nights at 6:15 PM at the Main Campus Worship Center

    A word from Pastor Darryl about Hard Questions:
    After years of ministry, I have heard the following statement many times:
    “The Bible says it; I believe it; that settles it.” I can hear the loud “amen” from the amen corner. Yet experience has taught me that in the midst of the crowd sits someone who silently struggles and is thinking, “I’m not sure,” “I have questions,” or “I’m struggling.”

    I am firmly and deeply convinced that the church should be a safe place for people to ask hard questions. Questions that make us uncomfortable, questions that make us think and examine what we believe. Why do I say this? Because I have complete confidence in the Bible and in Jesus Christ. I am convinced that we must answer the “hard questions,” or we will continue to risk the faith of the next generation. Young people see the shallowness of most people who claim to be Christians and are unwilling to simply swallow pat answers and clichés from them. Let’s step up and allow honest and open dialogue, believing in the power of the gospel and the authority of God’s Word.

    This summer, it is my desire that these topics will help you to strengthen your faith and lead you to engage in relevant, meaningful conversations with those who are unchurched and/or far from God.

    See the list below for the schedule, sermon titles, resources, sermon notes, and sermon series audio. 

    You can listen to the audio from the Hard Questions 2022 Sermon Series by clicking on the button below.


    June 15: Understanding Evil

    Does God cause bad things to happen? If God is sovereign, good,
    and loving, why doesn’t He stop so much evil?

    June 15 Resource List June 15 Notes  June 15 Sermon Audio

    June 22: Church Discipline

    What does the Bible say about church discipline? Why is it important?
    How should it be carried out?

    June 22 Resource List June 22 NotesJune 22 Sermon Audio

    June 29: When Love Hurts

    My child says he/she is gay, what do I do?
    I work with someone who says he/she is transgendered; how do I respond? What about pronouns? And many more questions… 

    June 29 Sermon Audio 

    July 6: When Politics Divide - no audio

    Do politics have to divide God’s people?
    What issues are negotiable and non-negotiable?

    We were unable to record the July 6 Hard Questions sermon due to technical difficulties.

    July 6 Resource List July 6 Notes 

    July 13: Church?

    What is the “church”? Why does it matter?
    Can I be a Christian and not attend a local church?
    I have been hurt by the church, what do I do now?

    July 13 NotesJuly 13 Sermon Audio

    July 20: Are these the End Times?

    With so much fear, negativity, and dread in the world,
    how can I live with hope and faith? 

    July 20 Notes

    You can listen to the audio from last year's Hard Questions Sermon Series by clicking here.

    Sermon Series Audio