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Ladies Night In- FAQ's

Ladies Night In- FAQ's

    Will these sessions be in person or virtual? 

    Only virtual, NOT in person.  You’ll use your computer, smart phone, or other device to participate.  

    Will the activity be live or pre-recorded? 

    Definitely live!  You’ll be able to interact with the leader and other participants. 

    Where can I learn more about each activity? 

    From WhitesburgBaptist.org/Women, simply click on the name of the activity to see the description. 

    How do I sign up for an activity? 

    Click on the name of the activity.  Below the description you’ll see the registration link; click on it, and complete all the information requested.  You will receive a confirmation email of your registration. 

    Can I participate in more than one activity? 

    Yes!  None of the activities overlap, so you can participate in one, two, or all five if you want.  But be aware that you must register for each activity separately. 

    Do I need the Zoom app to participate? 

    No.  The leader will email you the Zoom link for your activity.  After you click on that link, you’ll be in the activity group.  (Be aware that Zoom may prompt you to open a free account, but that’s simply marketing and not necessary to participate.) 

    How will I join the group on the night of the activity?   

    The day of your activity, you will receive an email with the Zoom link; simply click on that link about 10 minutes before the start time of your activity, and you’ll get connected. 

    I registered but didn’t receive my confirmation email.  What should I do? 

    First check your junk mail to see if it’s there.  If not, contact Deree at or 256.704.5678, Ext. 209. 

    Other than registering, is there anything I need to do in advance? 

    Only the painting class has advance preparation (purchase your supplies, set up your painting area, prep your canvas).  None of the other classes have advance prep.

    What if I don’t want the other participants to see me exercise, or see my painting? 

    No worries!  Once you’re in the Zoom group, just stop or turn off your video.  You’ll still be able to see the leader and others in the group, but they can’t see you. Our session leaders do encourage you to try it with video on. Participants will have screens on "Speaker view," which makes the instructor large on the screen.

    Is childcare provided? 

    No, so get creative … maybe let daddy have an evening with the kids while you have a fun evening with the ladies! 

    More questions? 

    Contact Deree at or 256.704.5678, Ext. 209.