Heart to Serve

Heart to Serve is a support ministry that works in coordination with all the other ministries of Whitesburg Baptist Church. Our goal is to help members use their unique gifts through service at the church.

We have volunteer opportunities for everyone. See below for the current top volunteer needs.

If you are interested in volunteering or learning more about getting involved at Whitesburg Baptist Church, please  fill out the Heart to Serve Application below or contact Teresa Smith by email.

Top Volunteer Needs

Preschool Ministry:
• Four year old teachers at 11:00 every other month beginning in June or August.

Children’s Ministry:
• LIFE Group Assistant for Grade 3 at 9:30.
• LIFE Group Assistant for Grade 5 at 11:00.

Worship and Media:
• Camera Operators
• Lighting Designers
• ProPresenter Operators (responsible for running words)

Pulaski Pike Ministry:
• Bus Captain (rides bus, watches kids, helps them learn memory verse)
• Bus Driver (CDL required)
• High School Boys Teacher

Adult Ministry:
• LIFE Group Teacher for 9:30 Young Married Adult Class
• LIFE Group Teacher for 11:00 Young Adult Class


Heart to Serve Application