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Hungary Go Team


Hungary Go Team

    Hungary Go Team

    June 16-26, 2022

    This Go Team in Hungary will be doing sports camps and evangelism. Anyone interested is invited to an informational meeting on Sunday, January 30, 1 pm in room 114, main campus. Scroll down for more information, or contact the Missions Office at 256-881-0952, ext. 279, or click here to email.



    Members of Whitesburg Baptist Church, Huntsville, AL, travel to Diósd, Hungary (10 miles southwest of Budapest) to assist with a sports/English-language outreach camp in Budapest, Hungary.

    Mission Background

    The Paulus Movement is committed to evangelism, discipleship, leadership training and church- planting. They seek to develop teams of full-time national missionaries (PIEI.org/Hungary). Our mission trip will assist the local pastor, Andras Kazar, and his associates during a Bible/Sports/ English language camp.

    Elementary Kids English/Bible Camp

    • There will be 80 kids from grades 2-6. It will be a five-day, day camp that runs from 9 am to 4 pm and will be conducted in the International Christian School of Budapest (ICSB) facilities in Diósd. ICSBudapest.org
    • We are aiming to have a team size of 9-14 adults. Teens (age 13 and above) may also come but we need a minimum of 6-7 adults since Hungarian kids will be divided into 5 groups requiring at least one adult per group.
    • Americans will help with sports and English. There is one English class per day where they will be learning skits.
    • Sports sessions will be held in the morning and afternoon. The sports include: dance, ultimate frisbee, and basketball, but ultimate frisbee has been the sport of choice the last few years since many age groups can participate. For dance, the kids usually learn a dance routine and then perform it at the end of the camp. Most of the girls take part in this activity as boys hardly ever sign up. Bible times are in Hungarian led by Hungarians from the Paulus staff or church.
    • Camp Dates are June 20-24. Tentative travel dates- depart Atlanta, GA on Thursday, June 16 and arrive in Budapest, Hungary on Friday, June 17. Depart Budapest, Hungary on Sunday, June 26 and arrive in Atlanta, GA that evening.

    Tentative Costs

    • Airfare: $1800.00
    • Lodging: $90 ($10 per night)*
    • Daily Food: $207 (6,500 HUF/Day = $23 per day)
    • Travel Medical Insurance: $70.00 (if required)
    • Vehicle rental and use (estimate): $80.00 (estimate is $1,000/# on team)
    • TOTAL: $2247.00**

    *The lodging price may change depending on availability.
    **This amount does not include any church support we may receive, personal support raising, nor church support from your home church if not a WBC member.


    Submit the Go Teams Application at the link below or in the Whitesburg App. 

    Go Team ApplicationScholarship Request Form

    Key Dates

    • Initial Deposit ($250) - February 27
    • Passport Request Deadline - March 1
    • Second Deposit ($500) - March 27
    • Third Deposit ($500) - April 24
    • Go/No-Go for Mission (COVID concerns) - May 1
    • Go/No-Go for Airfare - May 1

    Travel Insurance

    Click the link below for examples of travel insurance if your private insurance company does not cover such travel.



    For further information, please contact Don or Diane Baker at .