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Huntsville, AL 35802

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Abiding in Christ, as we go about our daily lives we can engage people in our circles of influence, and lead them to encounter Jesus and experience life change. God has called us to make an impact in our neighborhoods, our workplaces, our schools and in our community.  We do this by praying, engaging and sharing.


Tutor a child, make an eternal impact!  

Whitesburg can make an eternal impact in the lives of children through tutoring and sharing the gospel at the Boys & Girls Club of North Alabama. We need men and women to guide students in a safe environment to complete their homework and become better equipped students to achieve success in the classroom.  Would you consider serving in this capacity to share the love of Christ through serving as a tutor?  Click the link below to learn more. 

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Prayer is vital to the movement of God. Join us in actively praying for God to use us to reach our circles of influence so that more people may encounter Jesus and experience life change. See the link below for tools to help us better engage our neighborhoods and pray for our neighbors by name.



As we pray, we must engage our culture and be a witness for the gospel.  We must be an active vocal witness in our circles of influence. Find resources below to help you make connections.


As God's people, we have the greatest hope to share with the world. Because God has saved us, we are compelled to love our world and tell others what Christ has done for them. 

because the world needs to see authentic faith

because the world needs to hear what God is doing in us

because the world needs community

because it is good news of great joy for all people

Find tools for sharing through equip groups, evangelism training and other resources at links below.

Equip Groups Share the Gospel Card

God is writing an epic story and our stories have been consumed by His. My Story really only has 3 parts that all point to Jesus, not us. Our stories all center on who we were before we met Jesus, why we need Jesus, and what has changed since we’ve decided to follow Jesus. This exercise helps us prepare, practice, and be able to share the Gospel with others by using our story. Use the links below to write out your story. 

Interactive Digital Version DOWNLOAD & PRINTABLE PDF