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College CORE Team Form

The College Ministry CORE Team is a team of student leaders who serve, collectively, as a catalyst for impacting thousands of other students on their campuses and around the world. The CORE Team serves as a missional movement of leaders who grow in and serve out of their walk with Jesus Christ in becoming multiplying disciples of him.

CORE Team Expectations

  •  Attend Life Group and College Worship every week.
  • Serve in College Worship in some capacity.
  • Exemplify a life of Christ-Likeness before others.
  • Place others needs/interests above your own (Phil. 2:3-4)
  •  Live an open life honestly before others (Eph. 4:25)
  • Receive and give Biblical correction (Heb. 3:13)
  • Have a desire to learn to share the Gospel and make disciples.
  • Engage in Campus Outreach
  • Practice a habit of everyday sharing
  • Learn how to set up and walk through Gospel Appointments
  • Follow up with and disciple those whom you lead to Christ.
  • Assist in planning, inviting, and coming to ministry events.
  •  Plan your calendars and schedules in advance to ensure that you can attend ministry events. 
  • Attend weekly CORE TEAM training, planning, and prayer meeting.
  • Share stories, get practical training on how to grow, witness, and disciple. We will also pray and plan as a team.
  • Recruit for ministry retreats and conferences.
  • Live a life that reflects Christ-like integrity that reflects him and Whitesburg College well.

CORE Team Benefits

  •  Intentional discipleship and training by leaders
  • By the Holy Spirit, you will be used to lead others to a saving knowledge of Christ and to disciple them. This is one of the greatest joys man can know.
  • Receive special opportunities to grow in your walk with Christ by utilizing being given books and resources. 
  • Gain valuable experience in leadership that will aid in both personal and work life.
  • Receive eternal rewards in Heaven (Mt. 6:19-20; Mk. 10:29-30.
  • Make an eternal impact on your campus, community, and church.
College CORE Team

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What area of Whitesburg College Ministry do you want to/currently serve?*

Where will you be living in the fall/spring?*

Have you been baptized by immersion since becoming a follower of Jesus?*